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The Testimony Of Zorro
Mi Amor, Mi Vida, Mi Mundo,
    As the world goes mad around me, I understand that this, my final letter to you, is as much confession as it is a farewell. As such, I will be honest with you in ways that I know will anger you, even if I do not survive the night. Do not grieve for me, for I have lied to you from the moment we met. You remember, don’t you? I am certain that I still feel the imprint of your palm on my muzzle, as I am certain you must feel the ache after such a slap. Your eyes were like amethysts with hearts of indignant flame, showing me the bunny under the proper outer dress and dignified air. The most beautiful senorita in all the land – lovely beyond the boundaries of time and the realities of species – and I knew that I had to have you as my own.
    I will always remember how lucky I am to have known you, to have loved you, and to have you love me in return.
    I wo
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I open Commission with the price below: 
30$/ a character

30$ / a characher WITH simple color backgroud
50$ / 2 characters WITH simple color bacgkroud
--- Bust---
50$ / a character with simple color backgroud

--- Half body---

70$ / a character with simple color backgroud
135$/ 2 character with simple color backgroud
   [Commission] Liliana by SongJiKyo Witch Ahri by SongJiKyo
--- Full body--- 
100$ / a character With  background color
happy new year 2015 by SongJiKyo Star Guardian Lux by SongJiKyo LOL_Bard by SongJiKyo [Commission] Rin Tohsaka by SongJiKyo
Thank you for reading 
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Love by Yuletide's light
Warwolf and Atsuko enjoy a bit of holiday romance by night.

The first piece I ever commissioned specifically with a holiday theme in mind, and I have to say that Ayacinth nailed it out of the park! Warwolf Esheraso and Atsuko Yamiarashi have a unique look as it is, and the rendering for the light and the clothes came out beautifully. While neither Warwolf nor Atsuko are Christian, being of a different species and religion themselves, they don't exactly find any reason to complain about THIS particular Christmas tradition. Atsuko looks particularly nice in that slinky black dress she's in.

Many thanks to Ayacinth for her time and effort. I would definitely recommend her to those looking for commissions.

Warwolf Esheraso and Atsuko Yamiarashi © me.

Art by  Ayacinth
Warwolf Book Cover
The cover to my first book from 2006. Left hand side is the back cover with the back cover blurb, the  middle is for the spine, and on the right is the front cover, all done as one piece. The artist, Red-Dog over on Furaffinity, who also did four interior pieces for me (Warwolf Esheraso I being one of them, and that's him on the cover as well) along with this cover piece  swears that the colors got mangled by the printer and give it a reddish tint, making him tinted red (and she even says reddish-pink) in the final printed product. I don't quite see it. Maybe I'll scan the printed version of the cover sometime.

Sadly, I couldn't afford a major print run, so I only had something like 200 copies, give or take, and most of them have been sold or given out to a few people. I have...what, seven or so copies left. Maybe a little more than that, I'm not sure.

Anyway, book is from 2006. Warwolf Esheraso I is (c) me.
A commissioned piece done for my first book by the same artist who did Warwolf Esheraso I, Gatorin, and Banta, who also appears in Warwolf: The Centurion Warrior Book 1: The Warriors.  This is Reavus, Warwolf I's best friend. Loyal to the end and something of a wiseass. Like Warwolf, he's a werewolf-type Lycanthrope. He's also deadly with that blade of his.

Reavus (c) Me.

Art by Red-Dog
Yet another piece for my first book, this piece was another commission. This is Banta, Lycanthrope of the werewolf persuasion, friend of Warwolf Esheraso I and Reavus and sister of Gatorin. She seems to be enjoying herself, in Kiate (full werecreature) form, and showing off a bit. Every bit as tough as the boys, Banta has a bit of an edge that she only just barely understands. Watch out peeps. This she-wolf is as deadly as she is beautiful.

Banta is © me.

Art by Red-Dog
Warwolf Esheraso I
A piece of artwork I commissioned for my first book, which I self-published in 2006. (And holy crap I still laugh at how that all went down.) This is Warwolf Esheraso, as he appears in the book, at about 17-18 years old. You can also find this pic on Furaffinity here. Here. He's called Warwolf Esheraso I, because he has a descendant by the same name. This is a character who spun out of an earlier character with the same first name, who began in a small play by mail wrestling group, was part of the Road Rover fandom, and has since become his own thing altogether. This Warwolf first appeared in the 2006 novelette Warwolf: The Centurion Warrior book 1: The Warriors. (It bears no relation to the film The Warriors. Let me make that clear now.)

Warwolf Esheraso is officially (c) to me and first appeared in print in 2006.

The art is done by Red-Dog.
Hey all,

As I slowly start to get more and more involved with social media (I've been accused— and not necesarily without merit— of being a bit behind the times due to my having an older machine for so long. Even though I have a new Laptop and a smart phone, I still tend to use the tried and true old Dell of yesteryear), one thing continues to be up to date for me; New York Comic Con!

I'll be attending for the first time as a professional, but while I'll be doing my best to make contacts with fellow writers and hopefully getting a few art pieces done of my characters, this is as much a vacation as anything else. I'm gonna try to get some pictures while I'm at the show. If anyone's coming, wing me a note and I'll try to get in contact with you on Wednesday when I head down (I always hit the hotel a day early and leave the day after the show ends) so we can possibly meet up and take in the sights!

I'm also curious to see what they'll be doing with this 'book con' thing. I suspect in the next year or two, NYCC may expand to five days if it merges completely with Book Con the way it did with New York Anime Fest. if so, I hope I can survive it!  Laughing

Hope to see some of you there!


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Between the Ropes.
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I am a writer, working on various book projects, including comic book concepts, and also learning my way around screenwriting.


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terrybgoode Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016
Kindle that book, man! The world is waiting!

Does he finally marry Atsuko in book six? I've been hungry like the wolf for YEARS!
Natsuko-Hiragi Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016  Professional Photographer
Hey thank you for watching us^^
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Is there any way I could find a copy of Warwolf? I've checked every book database and it doesn't show up in any of them.
WarwolfPrime Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
It wouldn't. It was a short POD thing. Been trying to put it back into publication. I do have a few copies left that I'd been selling out of my hoime though. PM me if you really want one. I was planning to keep the last few for myself, but if you want, I'll give you a decent price for one.